Four ways to enable admin staff to power your NFP

At my workplace we recently implemented a new constituent relationship management (CRM) system to help us service our beneficiaries more effectively.  In the process we ended up centralising branch-based admins into a national team.  It’s early days, but a few months in and we have had some really positive results.

This is what we did:

  1. Built a small virtual team with a shared national vision (my workplace has offices around Australia, and the team is spread around the nation)
  2. Enabled the team to communicate frequently (weekly formal meetings and more frequent chats)
  3. Provided appropriate training
  4. Empowered the team to make real changes to the system

The result? A team that has turned into a powerhouse and is make our organisation much more efficient and effective!  This small team of four have started to take ownership of the CRM system (instead of IT) and are embedding process-change deep into the organisation. They are improving reports, editing complicated merge documents, and generating new ways to automate processes.  Their learnings are also shared through the entire organisation much more effectively than any IT-led change-project I have seen.

How are your administration staff helping to improve your organisation?

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